A tribute to Frank Sinatra @ the Redlands Bowl.

Matt Mauser and the Pete Jacobs Orchestra performed a tribute to Frank Sinatra last night in Redlands, California. It was a fantastic night at the Redlands Bowl. The weather was cool and there was a slight breeze. It was like Frank Sinatra turned down the heat on this Tuesday night in August for a magical celebration. Matt Mauser has been performing in the style of Frank Sinatra since the late 1990s. His collaboration with the Pete Jacobs Orchestra captures Sinatra at the height of his career, when he was singing with the Count Basie Orchestra at the Sands in Las Vegas. Matt Mauser danced around the stage with the ebb and flow of a classic big band show. He was like one of the Rat Pack, a cool cat from back in the day. 

I was there to shoot a private event that took place earlier that evening. My good friend Bruce Herwig set this up and allowed me to take a few pictures of the performance. I had access to every angle at the Bowl. Having never shot concerts or shows like this, I'll be the first one to tell you that it's not as easy as it looks. Light changes and Matt Mauser's movement around the stage makes for a lot of on the fly exposure changes that I had a little trouble keeping up with. That being said, I loved every minute of it and I can't wait to shoot another show again. 

My Camera Settings:

Due to this being a night performance, I wanted to shoot at an aperture of 2.8 and at around 1/250th to keep up with the action. I set my ISO to auto and it went everywhere from 1000-12800. The Canon 5D Mark IV handles low light and noise light a champ! I used the Canon 24-70 2.8 lens which was flexible enough to get both tight and wide angle shots. 

Below are some of the images I captured last night. Enjoy and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments below. 

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